Georgia Property Management Specialist

Property Management
Single Family, 2-14 Units, Condominiums and Townhomes

Georgia does not have a regulatory agency that oversees Georgia Landlord Tenant Laws and disputes between the landlord, property manager and tenants(s). You must implement a defined business model to be successful.

Property management is about treating each consumer “fair, consistent and equal”, following many laws and regulations as well as being profitable.|

You will be given an overview of the latest development of property management opportunities within Georgia. Learn how to utilize your skills as a real estate professional in this new income producing niche. The course will cover licensing requirements, Georgia Landlord-Tenant laws, Federal, state, local city and county regulations and ordinances, i.e. housing and maintenance codes.

An overview of Federal Fair Housing Laws, The Americans with Disabilities Act, the Equal Credit Opportunity Act, the Fair Credit Reporting Act, Megan's Law, EPA concerns regarding lead-based paint, mold, mildew, bed bugs; Servicemembers Civil Relief Act, laws that fall under the Federal Trade Commission; The Georgia Security Deposit Act; Georgia Real Estate Commission rules on utilizing unlicensed assistance and handling trust accounts plus Georgia eviction laws

This section begins with planning the home for tenancy (livability) and marketing. The Real Estate Commission has new advertising rules when marketing a specific property that license real estate practitioners must follow.

We will discuss preparing for the rental application process, establishing tenant qualifications and house rules plus screening and selecting the right tenant.

To gain a better understanding the rental application process we will review types of consumers reports, lease agreements, clauses and disclosures, collecting fees, what you are required to perform at the end of tenancy.

Working with a Condo or HOA association is a vital component in a management and rental agreement. Let’s add on creating the move-in procedures, addressing repairs, handling tenant complaints, working with contractors and much, much more!

It is important to keep our tenants happy so they make their payments on time and take care of our properties.

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Georgia Property Management Specialist

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